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5th August 2018

The Podcast

Many people have asked me what start-ups do to become successful and how corporations can learn from it. In other words: They want to gather perspective about digitalization.

As a 21-year old I can't deliver for that question, but I can ask people who can.

That's what my new podcast will be about.

I don't know the name yet but you will learn a lot from successful leaders who transformed their company already, startup founders or innovators at all.

The Guests

Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech

He quadrupled the profits and increased the stock price about 600% in the last six years since he came to lead Logitech.

You'll get insights about his "cookbook" and strategies to turn the company around.

Scott Chacon, Co-Founder of GitHub and Chatterbug

Scott is one of the Founders of GitHub, which was sold to Microsoft for more than 7bn dollars a few weeks ago. 

Five days after the sale the interview was recorded and we talked about scaling startups and why you need to focus on the exchange with your users/customers.

Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Prince of the Netherlands

Constantijn is consulting in corporate innovation and has a lot to say about the topic.

We covered a whole bunch of actionable stuff for companies who want to lead in digital change, but also what Constantijn loves about startups.

Podcast launches in:


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